Geography Songs Sing Around the World | Larry and Kathy Troxel | Review

Welcome to my Review of “Geography Songs Sing Around the World

by Larry and Kathy Troxel
Geography Songs with audio CD and workbook by Larry and Kathy Troxel

Today, I’m going to be showing you this geography teaching tool, who can use it, how I used it, and what results I’ve seen. I’ll also give my list of pros and cons for Geography Songs.

Product: Geography Songs Sing Around the World Review

Price: $26.95

Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Size of Product: 8.5 x 11 inches \ 21 x 28 cm

Product includes: Audio CD with 33 songs. Workbook containing lyrics, maps, crossword puzzle, tests, answers, illustrations and descriptions of landmarks

Grade Level: All levels

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Geography Songs Sing Around the World Product Review

There are almost 200 countries in the world today. How can a child learn all of their names and locations? Can very young children accomplish this daunting task? The answer is yes! I have seen a three-and-a-half year old sing these geography Geography Songs CD Sydney Opera House holger-link-688101-unsplashsongs independently! I mean, when his dad named a song, this child started right away singing it by himself. For over ten minutes, this little guy demonstrated the power of music for memorization!

Who Can Use Geography Songs?

This is suitable for group study or independent study. Any child with the ability to operate a CD player can listen independently. A reading student can easily locate specific countries or activities in the workbook by referring to the Table of Contents. Younger children, with training from a parent or older student, could find those same workbook pages simply by recognizing the map and accompanying illustrations.

For group instruction, the teacher will duplicate appropriate maps, the crossword puzzle, and the quizzes for each student. While a song is played or sung aloud, the teacher points to each location on the map; the students practice doing the same. To learn to read the names of the countries, have the students touch the lyrics as they are sung; lyrics are included on an adjacent page for every map.Geography Songs CD windmill green grass blue sky clouds cynthia-de-luna-459488-unsplash

Geography Songs will naturally supplement any child’s learning, whether he is homeschooled or pursuing other educational options.

How Did We Use It?

Over twenty years ago, our family purchased this workbook and music, which was on a cassette tape way back then. I regularly made use of the workbook’s maps and printed lyrics for the visual learners in my family. We usually shared the open book on the floor or on the bed while we listened to the music and sang along. I did not use a formal, structured approach for Geography Songs (we saved that for other subjects); rather, I intentionally created opportunities to sing the songs as a break from the more structured learning.

We took the music along with us on car rides, and often took the book, too. Since everyone had to sit still for the ride, it was a perfect opportunity to use both auditory and visual components for learning.

Because my son is mainly a kinesthetic learner, he really enjoyed moving his body and manipulating objects in his Geography Songs CD child hat lamb mountain catherine-a-g-m-735951-unsplashenvironment. I made optimal use of our world globe when teaching him Geography Songs. Having him clap, stomp, or march in rhythm with the beat helped solidify his learning. Of course, his siblings usually joined him in the noisy, cheerful activity!

During meal preparation is a nice time to have songs playing quietly in the background.


  • Locations of countries are taught as well as names
  • Countries are taught together within regions
  • Illustrations are varied, detailed, and memorable
  • Reproducible pages for coloring and labeling: workbook opens flat for easy copyingGeography Songs CD Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia SE Asia
  • Numbers are placed on each country on the maps in the order they’re sung
  • Over 40 famous landmarks are illustrated, many with important information included
  • Different musical styles correspond to different regions
  • Songs are listed and numbered on the front of the CD
  • Teaches our solar system, continents and oceans, and U.S. states and capitals
  • Lays a solid foundation for world geography studies
  • Provides fill-in-the-blank tests for the song lyrics
  • Workbook has a Table of Contents
  • Well-suited to visual learners and auditory learners


  • Some tunes can become annoying with prolonged use.
  • The 25″ x 36″ wall map with song lyrics on it must be purchased separately
  • It is not an in-depth, cultural geography course, but it lays a solid foundation for one.
  • Should be reviewed occasionally, even after initial memorization
  • Kinesthetic learners may need additional helps, such as jumping or clapping to the music, or role-playingGeography Songs CD Big Ben daytime blue sky puffy white clouds henry-be-63042-unsplash
  • Students who feel they’re too old for children’s songs might resist

It’s Conclusive! Geography Songs Works!

There are very few things I really believe ought to be in every homeschool, and this is one of them, because Geography Songs works! I can attest to that. Even after our kids have grown up, they still remember these songs. It seems like every time we all get together for a family reunion, one of my kids will start singing these songs, and the others join in! Their cousins and my kids’s spouses think we’re all so smart! Haha!

Seriously though, my grown children tell me that knowing geography helped them succeed on college tests, and they are glad to know where places are when listening to the news. My one-time purchase provided lasting educational and entertainment value. I even sing them to myself on occasion. 🙂


Even if you’ve never found geography interesting, you and your kids might find yourselves painlessly learning where every country is located within a couple of weeks. Catchy tunes on audio CD and a book of fun maps and world famous landmarks might have everyone happily singing – and looking really SMART, too!Geography Songs CD Easter Islands carved head rocky outcrop thomas-griggs-641512-unsplash

Thank you for reading my review. I hope it has helped you. If you want to check out Geography Songs here, you’ll see what those reviewers have said.

What Do You Think?

Have you had any experience with this product? Won’t you share about it in the comments below? Or ask any questions you may have; I’m here to help.

Joyfully journeying on!


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  1. What a terrific idea for learning country names. Even I can’t name all the countries in the world, so it would probably help me, too.
    I homeschool three of our four kids and they are all fascinated by the world and geography. We have a large world map up on the wall and they are constantly checking it, so I am pretty sure they’d love this one. Do you still have kids at home who use it?

    • Hi, Genesis. I agree that this is a terrific idea! And yes, it will probably help you, too. This is the way I learned all the countries of the world, right along with my children.

      And congratulations on investing hugely in your kids as you homeschool them. We found homeschool quite challenging, yet very much worth the time and energy commitment. One piece of advice I give is for parents NOT to try to make their homeschool look like the public school, but rather to foster a lifestyle of learning together. Does that make sense? What do you think about that advice?

      Through the years, I’ve been amazed at how painlessly people learn these geography songs! They’re so fun. I used them in homeschool and when I did substitute teaching. I sing them to my grandkids and to other peoples’ kids when the opportunity arises. I hope you can get your own Geography Songs and have a great time with your children, too!


  2. Wow! I should have got this CD when I was a child.
    I hated geography back then and I honestly regretted it.
    On the contrary, my husband loves geography and history and I couldn’t relate so much when he talks about it. So, I wished I’ve taken geography and history seriously back then.
    This geography songs CD will definitely be listed on my bucket list.

    Oh, thanks for showing where to buy it, I’ve never thought of this before.
    This is definitely worth buying for my kids.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi, Che.

      I can relate to not enjoying geography as a kid. Geography as a study topic never resonated with me, probably because I didn’t travel to those faraway places. (I always loved road maps though, because my mom let me be the navigator on our winter road trips from Florida to Chicago, Illinois each year.)

      When another homeschool mom recommended Geography Songs to me, I bought it, and I’m so glad! My kids and I have had so much fun with it! Our world has been expaned! I love geography now.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Hi, I never thought such thing existed. And what surprises me was it has been in the market along long time ago:). I learned geography through maps and globe. But since I came to know this then I would try it for my child. It would be a fun way to learn geography.

    • Surprise! You learned something new today! I count that as a good thing!

      I’m sure your child (and you) will love Geography Songs Sing Around the World! Why don’t you grab a copy of your own and explore the world together?

      Enjoying the journey,

  4. Hello Laura,
    I so did enjoy this! I believe that when we know each other, then we see our connection and similarity. So learning geography is a step towards that. And the fact that preschoolers can use this means they start out understanding we are part of something larger. What a fabulous program. Thank you for sharing this with us!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Hello Ariel. Thank you for your kind words and for the reminder that it’s important to understand the common ground between ourselves and others. Geography Songs Sing Around the World gave my family a solid foundation for in-depth cultural studies, and I am so grateful for it! The workbook showed us dozens of world landmarks and monuments that speak about their cultures; simpley wonderful!

      Please visit again soon.


  5. Haha, didn’t realize there’s such product out there. Sounds like fun! It would really benefit our children since let’s face it, geography is kinda boring on itself. Thank you for the detailed review! It’s been very helpful.

    • You’re right, Wei, that finding a fun and easy way to teach geography really benefits our children. Giving them a foundational “big picture” about the world can lead to more understanding and compassion for people and ideas. Geography Songs Sing Around the World is DEFINITELY not boring! I’ve learned as much as the kids! Many adults love the songs, too! You should give it a try.

      Thanks for visiting me here.

  6. This information was very funny, I’ve never thought that we could learn about the world by singing songs. Honestly, geography is my weakest subject when I was going to school, I had the interest, though, it’s hard to understand clearly about the world.
    Anyways, thanks for the information that you provided, that was so fantastic.
    All the best,

    • Hi there Frankie. I’m glad you stopped by and that my post brought you a chuckle today! The teacher-in-me is delighted I taught you something you didn’t know before!

      Here’s a suggestion for you: Get your own copy of Geography Songs Sing Around the World and enjoy the fun songs through a great set of headphones! (I think I’ll do the same!) You will be amazed at how fast you’ll learn the names and locations of 200 countries!

      Have fun,

  7. Hi Laura,
    I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some maths resources. I’m a qualified primary and secondary teacher and have only recently considered homeschooling my own children.

    • Hello Marketa,

      Congratulations on considering the very noble task of homeschooling your children. My best advice for homeschoolers is to NOT try to make your homeschool look like the public school! You can do it much better than that by living a lifestyle of learning and exploring with your kids! All of my posts address issues of living and learning at home. Feel free to look around.

      Yes, our family used Math-U-See excusively for many years, and I couldn’t be happier. It uses a multi-sensory approach, and new skills are presented in small bites. Each skill is practiced to mastery, and previously-learned skills are regularly reviewed. I especially like the uncluttered pages that don’t distract my child from the task at hand. New lessons can be first presented to the student from the friendly teacher on the video (5-15 mintes per lesson), or you can preview the video and then teach the skill from the comprehensive Teacher Manual. Online support and telephone support are always available.

      Our children excelled with Mah-U-See right up to the time they started college math. Please see my full review post.

      Enjoy the journey,

  8. This technique has helped me tremendously in school. I know there is a cartoon that uses a song to teach students the states and capitals. It has to be over 15yrs old and I still remember it. I’ll definitely share this with parents that homeschool.

    • Great! It’s wonderful to hear a testimony like yours! Music really is instrumental in cementing learning. I mean, if you consider all the songs you know the lyrics to, you might realize how many words you know, and without much effort! When that same memory-lock is used for learning geography, it’s easy to see why Geography Songs Sing Around the World works SO WELL!

      Thank you, Jen, for sharing and for offering to pass this post on to others.

      Happy learning,

  9. Hi Laura,
    I love the sound of this! I love geography and get so disappointed that it is not taught more effectively. It seems many young people now have no idea where most places are. I did homeschool and loved geography but I did not have this type of song based program. I wish I did! It sounds like so much fun. Songs definitely stick in my head and even simple little tunes help me memorize things.

    My God-daughter will be homeschooled and I will be recommending this to her parents. Do the songs get updated as countries form, change names etc?

    Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jessica. And thanks for passing this post on to others; I really appreciate that!

      Yes, indeed. There have been several updates to the countries because of changes in the world.

      Have a blessed day,

  10. Love how detailed this is of why its such a high seller and why effective backed up with plenty facts! Keep up the amazing content!

    • That’s right, Jamaar! Geography Songs Sing Around the World makes learning almost 200 country names and locations painless and fun! You should give it a try.


  11. Even as a 26-year-old adult, I LOVE geography songs! I wonder how many I still remember…probably more than I think if I just heard the music.

    • Sounds like you need a new copy of your own for a refresher! I still sing Geography Songs to the little ones in my life; maybe you want to, too.

      Enjoying the journey,

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