Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum – English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too?

Does English grammar make you nervous? Did you struggle endlessly with it in school? Or did you succeed with Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | easy grammar plus, orange, home school, parts-of-speech, writingmost of those grammar rules, but found some beyond your grasp? Do you want to master English grammar yourself and teach your children to speak and write with ease?

Let’s look at an inexpensive system called Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum. We’ll consider

    • what it contains
    • who can use it
    • my experience with it — the streamlined approach we took in our home school
    • how to use it
    • whether or not it works
    • whether or not it works for adult grammar learners


What Does Easy Grammar Contain?


The Scope & Sequence for this system covers all English grammar rules, from the 2nd grade level through high school levels. Students who need constant practice through multiple years can work through grade levels 2 through 6, then do Easy Grammar Plus in one year, then proceed through grade levels 8 through 12.

— OR —

Students and adults who have some training in English grammar may only need to use Easy Grammar Plus, which coincides with a typical 5th – 9th grader’s level. After mastering the content presented within Easy Grammar Plus, one will know about 95% of all skills covered in the 12th grade level.

A Teacher Edition and a separate Student Workbook is available for each level.

Everything you need within a level is in that level’s Teacher Edition; it provides:Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | dictionary entry for grammar seen through a magnifying glass

    • a copy of the Student Workbook pages that can be photocopied for student use,
    • on the facing page, a copy of the Student Workbook page with the answers filled in,
    • unit reviews and tests and cumulative reviews,
    • a Table of Contents and an Index for quick location of needed information,
    • Preposition Bingo and Unscramble the Prepositions games,
    • simple lesson plans to help keep the teacher on track,
    • valuable teaching strategies for presenting new skills to the student, and
    • much more!



No sentence diagramming is required in Easy Grammar!

Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | silhouette of three pre-teens jumping up in the air in celebration

It Starts with Memorizing 53 Prepositions

A preposition is a word that begins a prepositional phrase; it
designates the position, direction, place, or time of the noun or
pronoun that follows the preposition. For example, in the phrase, ‘snow
on the hill’, the word ‘on’ is the preposition, and ‘on the hill’ is the
prepositional phrase.

Because a prepositional phrase will not contain the subject or the
verb of a sentence, students who can cross out all prepositional phrases
can more easily identify the subject(s) and verb(s) in that sentence.

Play Preposition Bingo and Unscramble the Prepositions and other
amusing educational games to quickly memorize this list. Since they’re
in alphabetical order, most students can learn all 53 within a week. Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | a smiling girl looks at the camera while writing in her notebook journal

Easy Incremental Lessons

The Prepositions unit provides lessons on subject and verb,
infinitives, and direct objects. Many practice pages ensure skill

The next unit focuses on VERBS and includes action verbs, linking
verbs, auxiliary verbs, verb phrases, regular and irregular verbs,
predicate nominative, predicate adjective, subject/verb agreement, five
verb tenses, transitive and intransitive verbs, and indirect objects.


INTERJECTIONS are taught next.



The NOUNS unit defines concrete and abstract nouns, teaches
determiners, proper nouns, possessive nouns, singular and plural nouns,
and appositives.

Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | infinitive gerund







The ADJECTIVES unit teaches five specifics about this part-of-speech:
limiting, descriptive, proper, predicate, and degrees of adjectives.


Approaching just one of these four ADVERB questions at a time, Easy
provides abundant practice for each bit of new information.
You’ll never be confused about adverbs again! When to use the words
“good” and “well” will be mastered, too!

Within the adverbs unit, you’ll also find degrees of adverbs and the double negative.Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | dictionary entry for grammar


This unit addresses personal pronouns in the nominative, objective,
and possessive cases. Additionally, antecedents, reflexive,
demonstrative, interrogative, and indefinite pronouns are taught.

Phrases and Clauses

are then described and compared.


This unit teaches and provides practice using the period, apostrophe,
comma, semicolon and colon, question mark, exclamation point, hyphen,
underlining, and quotation marks.

Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | alphabet green capital letters






Capitalization Rules

There are an abundance of capitalization rules! Easy Grammar lists more than 25 Rules for capitalization,
but only a few are introduced at a time, and the student is allowed to
practice those few before learning and practicing the next few.

These rules span from capitalizing the first word of a sentence to capitalizing Roman
numerals and the letters for the first major topics in an outline, and
even to capitalizing the first word in the greeting and the closing of a

Also provided are rules for when NOT to capitalize.


The four types of sentences are learned and practiced, then sentence fragments and run-on sentences are considered.

Letter WritingEasy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | curly-haired girl wearing a light-purple coat uses an ink pen to write on a note pad

Students learn the correct way to format a friendly letter and a business letter, and how to properly address an envelope.

Every new skill presented is followed by multiple opportunities to practice until mastery of the skill is achieved.

Who Can Use Easy Grammar?

Anyone who wants to gain a wide range of English language grammar skills and can read at the fourth-grade level ought to benefit. Even if you dislike grammar now, I think the concise, brief skill introductions and the straight-forward practice work will turn you into one who likes it! Everything you need is in the Teacher Edition.

My Experience – Our Streamlined Approach to Grammar

When I discovered Easy Grammar, I was searching for a curriculum that is “ungraded”, meaning one that could be used simultaneously with several students on several levels. We didn’t need the grade-level books that are specific to a particular level. That’s why I purchased Easy Grammar Plus because it is “ungraded”. My hope was to teach all the skills within Early Grammar Plus, to mastery, then no longer need to reteach the same skills in subsequent years.

Our children were in grades 1, 4, 7, and 10. That year, I taught Easy Grammar Plus to our 7th and 10th-graders together, which only took them half the school year. For our child in the 10th grade, in addition to Easy Grammar Plus, multiple writing assignments were added, and she earned one English Grammar and Composition credit that year.Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | 3 teenage siblings 2 girls 1 boy

Three years later, when our younger children were in grades 4 and 7, I taught Easy Grammar Plus to them, this time taking the full school year.

NOTE: The Easy Grammar Teacher Edition is a very thick paperback book. I used a fixed-blade utility knife to remove all the pages from the spine, then stored them in a gallon-sized zipper bag. This made it easy for me to photocopy the student pages for my students’ three-pronged grammar notebooks.


How Did It Work for My Children?

Fortunately, my goal of teaching all the grammar skills to mastery was accomplished, thanks to Easy Grammar Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | writing in a spiral-bound notebook journalPlus. Rather than progressing through every level of Easy Grammar, my kids were able to finish EG Plus, then practice their newly-acquired grammar skills effectively in their daily writing. When an error occurred, I used it as an opportunity to review that particular skill. They went on to earn high scores on all their writing assignments in college. One of my children excels today in a profession that depends upon expert writing skills. All of them now proofread and edit my writing. So, I’m concluding that Easy Grammar works!

But Will This Work for Adults?

So, I love Easy Grammar for teaching my kids how to write and speak well, and I’ve recommended it to many other families, too. But what about adults who want to learn on their own? Will this work for them?

You remember the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”? Well, I hadn’t written much in a while, so I recently pulled my Easy Grammar Plus off the bookshelf and reviewed every lesson from beginning to end. That’s when it occurred to me that this book could be an excellent resource for many adults wanting to learn English grammar. It’s written clearly, provides abundant practice, and the answers are right there on the facing page (in the Teacher Manual) for every practice page! You don’t even have to write your answers if it’s not needed for you to master that concept! Move as quickly or as slowly as you need to go. My advice is to acquire the Teacher Manual for Easy Grammar Plus, proceed through each lesson in order, and master the mechanics of speaking and writing correctly!


ConclusionEasy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum | English Grammar Exercises for Adults Too? | colorful buttons form the words Learning Is Fun

Easy Grammar Homeschool Curriculum can be used in a variety of ways. I explained that it contains everything needed for English grammar mastery, and, specifically, how I used Easy Grammar Plus within my home school. I used it for multiple students, and I used it only once for each student. It was quite satisfying to go through this comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum and then be done with that! We could then move confidently and efficiently through the rest of our academics with a solid grammar base! I call that success!

I also asked the question, “Will these English grammar exercises work for adults, too?” After reviewing my book again, I concluded that it would.

The Scope & Sequence chart can be found for every level at Scope & Sequence of Easy Grammar Skills

How about you? Have you found an effective grammar curriculum for your students? Please share about it, won’t you? What do you think about the unconventional way we used Easy Grammar?

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I loved your article abut home schooling and sent it to my brother because he is going to homeschool his kids this year. They’re nothing but indoctrination centers anyway and they don’t teach kids how to be productive citizens. Keep up the great work!


    • Hi Jack. Thank you for your encouraging words! I appreciate it much!

      I’m glad to hear that your brother will homeschool his kids. There are SO MANY resources available to homeschoolers today. It’s really remarkable, and I hope everyone finds the experience valuable. If I could give him one piece of advice, I’d tell him NOT to try to make his school look like the public school, but to pursue a lifestyle of learning with his children. I hope you’ll pass that along to him. If he has kids who are 12 or older, he might like my post about developing leadership skills in teenagers:

      If either of you have any questions, I’m here to help.


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