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I find it so exciting to think of all the possibilities available to us as homeschoolers! Resources are abundant and encompass a wide range of academic, social, practical, and useful opportunities. Today, I’ll show you one such opportunity for your 8th- through 12th-graders to acquire all of these in one place! Non-homeschoolers can participate, too.

What Is HSLDA Online Academy?

Beginning in 2009, HSLDA Online Academy has offered high-level online coursework as a resource for high school students from a variety of school backgrounds. Several of these classes are designated as Advanced Placement.

Why Take College Board AP Classes?

Any student who successfully completes College Board AP classes is then qualified to sit for the College Board AP® Placement Tests, one test for each AP® course.
A student earning a good score will be awarded college credit for that
course by many colleges and universities. Be sure to contact the college
or university your student wants to attend to be sure AP scores will be
accepted for his or her particular course.

Why Take an AP Course at HSLDA Online Academy?

It is a safe environment with other high school-aged students and with instructors
who truly have their students’ best interests in mind. Academy students don’t have to struggle within an academic environment with questionable safety.


If your student enrolls in Patrick Henry College in northeastern
Virginia after graduating from high school, the tuition that cash money in fanned out in front of a person's facewas paid for AP® courses at
HSLDA Online Academy will be credited to his or her tuition at Patrick Henry College. So even if the student doesn’t score high enough to earn college credit, or if your student chooses not to sit for an AP® test, tuition paid for the AP® course is then used again to pay tuition at Patrick Henry College. Your tuition dollars do double-duty! Visit the Patrick Henry College website for more information about the HSLDA Online Academy Alumni Scholarship.


Who Are the Instructors at the Academy?A woman teacher writes on a white board in front of a classroom

Each teacher is fully qualified to teach in his or her respective field. Each holds a degree and has experience teaching the Academy’s course work. All are committed to helping each student grow and thrive in the interactive online community. Instructors lead each weekly class meeting with the students, and they are available at other times throughout the week via email or class message board.

How Do Students Like HSLDA Online Academy?

Many students have described their classes as exciting, engaging, and well worth the time spent. Parents often thank the academy for offering well-organized coursework. Students gain a great pre-college experience as they acquire valuable time-management skills and work with a syllabus and course deadlines. Students interact in real-time with their instructors and with each other; valuable iron-sharpens-iron friendships are forged. They find the learning environment caring and encouraging, whether asking for help from teachers, other students, or the help desk personnel. When completing an Advanced Placement course, most students feel confident when taking the AP® Exam and feel ready to meet future academic challenges head-on!

When Do Students Attend Online Courses?

Most online courses meet weekly for approximately 90 minutes of live instruction. These classes are in real-time and involve interaction between instructors and classmates. Courses last either two semesters (late August through late April) or just a fall semester (August through mid-December) or just a spring semester (January through late April).

What AP Courses Are Offered at HSLDA Online Academy?

HSLDA Online Academy currently offers nine College Board AP® classes that carry the official AP® designation. Each is two semesters in duration, starting in late August and ending in late April. They all teach strong study habits, as well as college-level writing and reading skills.


Twenty to 30% of students earn the highest AP® test score; approximately 80% earn the passing score or better.

  1. AP® English Language and Composition
  2. AP® English Literature and Compositionhslda online academy -history black-and-white-stone-castle-figures-36006
  3. AP® Calculus AB
  4. AP® U.S. Government and Politics
  5. AP® Microeconomics
  6. AP® Macroeconomics
  7. AP® European History
  8. AP® World History
  9. AP® United States History


To aid students in preparation for the SAT or ACT, I recommend the one-semester course Logic & Critical Thinking.

As preparation for AP® Calculus AB, I recommend Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry.


Are Non-Advanced Placement Courses Offered?

Absolutely! Even if College Board AP® courses are not yet what your student needs, HSLDA Online Academy can still provide over two dozen high-quality, high school courses, including Foundations in Writing (designed for 8th or 9th graders) and Graphic & Web Design.

A wide range of courses are offered.
library with old books and many stone busts statues

  • English and Writing courses are two-semester courses
    • Foundations in Writing for 8th or 9th graders
    • English 1 – Literature & Writing
    • English 2 – World Literature & Writing
    • English 3 – American Literature & Writing
    • English 4 – British Literature & Writing
  • Mathematics are two-semester courses
    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus (prepares student for AP® Calculus AB)
  • Science courses are all two semesters each
    white chalk on a blackboard saying E=mc squared
    • Biology with Lab
    • Chemistry with Lab
    • Physics with Lab
  • Government and Moot Court is a 6-week intensive – students prepare for and participate in simulated court or arbitration proceedings
  • iCitizen Live (Government) one semester offered in the fall and spring
  • Constitutional Law one semester – fall and spring
  • Foreign Languages are two semesters each
    • Spanish 1A tiny tourist figurine stands on a map of Europe
    • Spanish 2
    • Spanish 3
    • Latin 1
    • Latin 2
    • Latin 3
    • German 1
    • German 2
  • Logic & Critical Thinking is one semester – offered fall and spring (also helps prepares student for ACT and SAT)
  • Personal Finance and Accounting covers two semesters
    Coins stacked in front of a clock - budget time and money
  • Business & Entrepreneurship covers two semesters
  • Computer Skills – one semester, fall and spring
  • Graphic and Web Design is normally offered only in the spring

Parents and students select which courses to take at HSLDA Online Academy. The Academy is happy to offer assistance .

Sign Up 4 Friends To Earn a Free Course – Use Code PTFI3I8

(Those straight lines in the code are the capital letter “I” – not the number “1” and not a lower-case “L”)

Anyone can earn a free course by inviting others to register. Won’t you please write down this code PTFI3I8 in case you decide to register at HSLDA Online Academy? By doing so, you will receive $30 OFF your academy registration, and I’ll receive credit toward a free course, too!

Discounts and Scholarships

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) members pay $100 less on any two-semester AP Course, and $50 less on other courses.

If your family feels like HSLDA Online Academy is a good fit for you but is unable to register due to financial hardship, consider contacting the Academy right away to see if you can pre-qualify for grant funds, even if you have not begun homeschooling yet. Applying for pre-qualification does not guarantee your family will be invited to apply for grant money, but it is the first step. Explore more about pre-qualifying here.

ConclusionA lady sits on a bed looking at her Mac with her dog asleep nearby

HSLDA Online Academy is just one of the MANY opportunities available for our students! They learn academic and time-management skills. They interact socially with good peer role models and with caring teachers who have a real heart for students. They save time and money by taking AP classes. Families from every U.S. state and several other countries take advantage of HSLDA Online Academy for top-quality, online instruction for their high school students. I’m sure you will find that same great value!

So check it out here, and be sure to ask any questions you may have down in the comments.
And thanks for stopping by!

Happy homeschooling through high school,




  1. Hi Lara, thank you for this wonderful resource for homeschoolers. I am very interested in getting my kiddo into some AP course. I think he is ready but I didn’t know how to approach it. I love that he could get a head-start on college courses AND that my HSLDA tuition dollars could be credited to his or her tuition at Patrick Henry College. This seems like a very cool program, thank you for sharing.

    • It is totally amazing how many resources are out there for learning just about anything! Thanks, Even, for sharing another one with us.

      For students who feel they need an Advanced Placement course in Calculus, or another high school course, HSLDA Online Academy might be a great place to enroll. The opportunity to earn a free course ends soon. Don’t forget to use my discount code when you register.


  2. Wow! Amazing, thank you for providing everything I need to know inside this review. I love how Foreign Languages and Science is available in the course, as this is going to give students more options and opportunities in the future. And that “sign up 4 friends to receive a free course” seems promising. Thanks for all your help!

    • You’re very welcome, Brandon. Thanks for checking out this information. It’s great to be able to share what I’ve found with others, especially when my find is so value-filled like HSLDA Online Academy. I think the best aspect of the Academy, at least for my kids, is that it’s a SAFE place for my teens to acquire academic knowlege while expanding their discovery of themselves.

      Stop in again any time. Laura

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